Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

My long term career goal is to own a business and I learned early on in college that in order to have my own business, I need to provide people with something of value. I also learned early on in college that I wanted to work within finance. Around my junior year of college, I came to the conclusion that I'll be able to help others who aren't as financially qualified with their long term financial goals and become a financial planner. Becoming a financial planner I can help others secure their financial goals, be the owner of a financial planning firm and be able to provide value to others. Essentially achieving all of my personal goals. I knew going back to receive a graduate degree in master of financial services will let me achieve these goals and I would have the opportunity to help others. My parents sacrificed a ton for me. They both worked jobs they didn't love in their lives; all to give me a better opportunity to achieve my goals. I think they could have planned for retirement slightly better than they have and I want to help other families in similar situations. Many parents sacrifice a lot for their children and their children become successful, achieve their goals and live a happy life. But, there's no guarantee that the children will enter a career in which they can pay all of their parents sacrifices forward and help out their parents after they attend graduate school and help out others in the community as well. I believe within financial planning I'll have the opportunity to pay my parents sacrifices forward, help them out financially long term and help many other families in similar situations. My parents are the people who have always inspired me and gave so much to me. Now I'd like to give back to them as well as others. My inspiration includes a little bit of everything. Some of it's selfish because I want to be my own boss; but I think the majority of my inspiration is to be a positive influence and help others who sacrificed as my parents did.

Conor from Pennsylvania
Saint Joseph's University