Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

Why pharmacy school? My first encounter with a Pharmacist in America was amazing. My mother became ill a couple of months after moving to America. The doctor office visit itself I do not have that much recollection of, except for the fact that it was a long wait before we saw the doctor and after that we were in and out of the door. The local pharmacy was literally the next door over. The pharmacist treated us with so much kindness and took the time out to explain all the medication that was prescribed to my mother such as how to take it and what to expect. However, what really amazed me was that through her short interaction with us, she knew of the fact that we just immigrated to America and that we did not have that much money at that time. The medication that the doctor had prescribed for my mother came out to be very expensive, but we did not think twice about paying for it although we knew the bill for that day will definitely put a dent into our funds. That pharmacist took the initiative to call the Doctor to change the medicine to a much more affordable one, and in addition to that she found coupons to help bring the cost down even further. Her action that day had inspired me to want to be a pharmacist who are on the front line helping patients overcome barriers. I want to help those who are struggling financially or trouble comprehending just like my mother and I that day, be able to have better access to medicine to improve their health.

Huy from Louisiana
Xavier University of Louisiana