Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

Politics permeates every inch of life in the United States, regardless if one tries to avoid it. That is why I chose to study Political Science for my undergraduate degree. Then, right before graduating, I realized that this phenomenon is not unique to the United States, but is found everywhere. I remember sitting outside a restaurant in Erfurt, Germany talking about living in the United States with the waiter and he responding with the most impassioned distaste for former president Obama. It took me by surprise that someone who had never been to the United States had such opinionated views about our leader, and then I realized that the actions of our president could have an effect on is life in Germany. The US is a world leader, and this inspired me to pursue a Master of Arts in Global Affairs at the University of Oklahoma. I wanted to study politics, economics, and social structures on a global scale. We live in such an interconnected world, where one country’s actions directly affect another’s, therefore it is increasingly important to be aware of the world around us. Getting to know the views and opinions of other countries allowed me to examine our domestic and foreign policies and to decide if they are effective or not. When you are able to step outside of US framed views and bias, you are able to examine your own views objectively and learn to appreciate that other views are just as valid as those held by US citizens. I have enjoyed learning about the customs, policies, and laws of other countries and how they came about. The best part of my graduate program as been the study of international activism and human rights around the world. So many people are not allowed to voice their opinions live the way they want, we are lucky in the US to have the luxury of expressing ourselves. That is why it is important for those of us who have this luxury to speak out for those who do not. This has led me to further my graduate studies and attend The University of Law School this fall and emphasize in International Law. All of the experience I will acquire after completing my law degree will allow me to pursue my dreams and to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves around the world.

Jessica from Oklahoma
The University of Oklahoma