Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

Sit back and recall one of the first best memories of your father. Was it when he taught you how to play catch, watch you go down the slide “all by yourself,” or taking you out for ice cream after dance class, even though mom says to eat healthy. Mine didn’t happen until I was 9 years old. You see, my biological father left when I was 2. So, I don’t remember anything of him, except I’ve seen a couple of old photos.
My parents married, and my dad adopted me. Throughout high school, him and I sat at the kitchen table discussing my future options. We discussed so many things, but one thing kept coming up when we had the “what do you want to be talk.” He would say, “who do you want to help.” “Never do anything for the sole purpose of advancing yourself, you will make a mark on this world, let it be a good one.”
What goals do I have for myself? What is it I’m good at, and what should I be doing with it? A year ago, this month, I decided to enroll at Purdue University Global to pursue my Family Nurse Practitioner degree. I want to care for active duty members, veterans, and their families. I chose the Family Nurse Practitioner role, not because it was the closest to what I already knew, but because I feel I can affect the most change as a Family Nurse Practitioner. But I knew, if I wanted to care for military families, and I mean the whole lifespan. With this degree, I can work in a primary care office, urgent care, specialty office, home health, hospice, hospital, and even telemedicine. The key to this type of degree, is being able to care for the entire lifespan. I want to take care of the children of our active duty members, assist their wives and husbands while ill, provide a listening ear to our elderly, and assist other military providers in meeting the needs of the community.
In conclusion, this scholarship would help me accomplish my dreams of helping people. I want to do right by my community and be there for them in any way I can.

Toni from Alabama
Purdue University Global