Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

From adolescence, I have been interested in studying the mechanics of the body. This sparked curiosity to discover what professions could incorporate my interests. A number of years ago I found motivation to discover what passions I would like to pursue. Long before college, I determined that becoming a doctor of Physical Therapy was a good fit for my fascination. I inspired myself to chase the idea of what I am meant to be. I created these goals and have continued to achieve and persevere through adversity to accomplish these past objectives. There was uncertainty with every application I submitted. I experienced setbacks in courses and took classes above my level to meet the challenges I had set. I was able to take full time college courses in high school to begin my journey, and transferred from one college to another within my current university to be accepted into my major.
Now, I have endured and thrived upon completing academic accomplishments to pursue my career goal and be accepted into a graduate school. I was able to do this by asking the right questions and taking the time to research information on my own. I have continued to seek out knowledge and set relevant goals for myself, while also asking for support from others when necessary. Every year I have created a plan of action for balancing my life, unprompted. I found organization, not as a commodity, but as a necessity. At the beginning of every school year, I schedule events of my personal life and internships around courses, while integrating volunteer hours and work. By doing this, I was able to plan ahead and succeed. For example, I understood I would be taking anatomy courses, something I had no prior academic experience in. I took it upon myself to study terms and materials on the subject before taking these classes, being aware that this type of knowledge was critical for a base understanding in my future major and career goal. Curiosity and motivation to attain further knowledge such as this, were key components of cultivating independent learning, something I have practiced for a majority of my life.

Marah from Minnesota
St. Catherine University