Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

In today’s world, people of lower income are often perceived and treated in a way that is similar to how criminals are, as degenerates. As if their lack of assets lowers their status within humanity itself. The elimination of this kind of predisposition is something that I’m very passionate about, and as a health-care professional, I will strive to care for every patient with unconditional dignity and compassion. I was exposed to the kind of outside stress that leads to financial instability from a very young age. I was born in Venezuela, a country which is currently in shambles due to deep rooted greed and governmental corruption. I remember hearing gunshots at night and not being allowed to speak English for the fear that I would bring danger upon my family and I. This kind of environment is not conducive to survival, let alone socio-economic growth. Having been a personal witness to conditions outside of privilege, I feel equipped with the right mindset to understand that people come from all kinds of struggles, and deserve to be treated with equal decorum no matter who they are. This is something that I always bear in mind, and make sure to enact within my daily interactions.
As a mid-level provider I would be able to participate in the patient’s diagnosis and treatment, but I will also be able to connect with their humanity. As a physician assistant, we can work together with the patient to find the best path for recovery and a wholesome life.

Andrea from Florida