Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

I am and always will be a lifelong learner. The word lifelong would be highlighted if I had access to any text tools here. In fact, this is my second master's degree and I'm turning 54 this year. You may ask, "Why would you go back to school at this age to get yet another master's degree?" The answer is simple - as a lifelong learner my desire to grow and learn doesn't end with a degree...it really just begins a new chapter in my life. I earned my first masters degree in the Art of Teaching when I was 34 because I wanted to sharpen my skills in being the best teacher I could possible be for my students. After receiving my masters, I continued my education by reading articles, joining educational clubs, writing academic grants, changing grade levels & job duties - all in the name of broadening my perspective and learning.

Then about two years ago I found myself thinking outside my classroom and more about the larger picture and the impact I could have as an administrator within a school district. Again, I found myself looking for a program that could inspire and support me in my new endeavor. Here I am ready to graduate this month and take the SLLA exam......getting ready for the next chapter in my life of learning. Just know - it won't be the last chapter!

The best compliment I received recently was from a teacher who said, "Yvonne, you are an inspiration - because most educators at your age are thinking about retiring, but not you - what an inspiration you are to every teacher and student - truly living what a lifelong learner is!"

Yvonne from New Jersey
Ramapo College