Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

I fell in love with learning because I struggled with school growing up. As a Dyslexic with ADD, I must work very hard to keep up with my peers. I was often told that I was too slow, that I was not “smart enough” to be in pace math or science classes, and not creative enough to be in the gifted and talented program at my school. I worked incredibly hard to be where I am now. Every day, every summer, every break, I would work tirelessly to enhance my speed and comprehension of my school materials, from elementary on. My hard work has paid off as I am now an Honors Scholar with a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Environmental Science and minoring in Chemistry. I have always been passionate about community service and creative outlets, so when I came across the special topics course Environmental Engineering in my undergraduate studies, I was incredibly happy. Being anthropocentrically driven, I have finally found an avenue to pursue my two passions of people and creativity through environmental engineering. I aspire to create innovations of the future that will protect human health and benefit the generations to come. Because I am not an engineering major, it is necessary for me to pursue my graduate degree in engineering in order to be fully equipped for my career path. Although this graduate program will be rigorous because it is a different field of study, hard work has never stopped me from pursuing my ambitions. I know I will happily climb the mountains in front of me in order to pursue my dreams. I am proud of the feats I have overcome up to this point and even more proud of myself to undertake a graduate degree in Environmental Engineering. I have been blessed to have struggled with my schooling because it created a drive and work ethic that will benefit me in a career where problem-solving is essential. With passion and vigor, I intend to pursue a graduate degree in Environmental Engineering so that I am fully equipped to be a life long learner and innovator.

Kaitlyn from Texas
Abilene Christian University