Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

Pursuing my graduate degree in mechanical engineering will provide me the means to help people in a larger way then I have been able to currently. I believe if everyone made a goal to help one person everyday in any way then we as humans would grow together as a society rather than apart. I do provide assistance daily to people in need whether it be homeless, children, or the disabled by doing simple tasks. These tasks include handing out food to homeless, volunteering to coach an underprivileged soccer team, or helping someone in a wheelchair or who is blind cross the road. Although these are small tasks that may help someone, I have wanted to do more. While pursuing my graduate degree I continue to work full time in my field to ensure I do not miss out on knowledge and experience I am getting. This experience accompanied with the knowledge I attain from my graduate degree will allow me opportunities I do not have currently to help people.

I plan to work for non profit groups such as Engineers without Borders and Water for People to design and implement safe sanitary and clean drinking water systems to communities in need. Similar to everyone having a full stomach at night and a roof over their head, I believe that both of safe sanitary and clean drinking water are necessities to human life and should be a human right. The gap between the rich and poor has always been established but it is also constantly growing in size and that is not helping the world become united. One step towards closing this gap is providing safe sanitary systems and clean drinking water to every human living on Earth. Closing this gap has inspired me to pursue my graduate degree because I am passionate about both helping people and engineering.

Alexandra from Washington
Seattle University