Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

I was inspired at a coaching conference by a woman who was the director of Drexel’s Sports Coaching Leadership. I have a background in education, and coaching rowing is the kind of teaching I want to focus on. This program would give me the resources and network to build something with coaching rowing. That endeavour includes coaching the coaches and developing future professionals, as well as coaching the coxswains, the person in the boat who is responsible for safety and is the leader in the boat. They need training, resources and development. Rowing also can positively affect people who are under represented in the sport. Students of color have had tremendous success in rowing when they are given the chance and realize how much more they have.
This graduate degree is the synthesis of my background and interests. I studied Spanish, taught Spanish, traveled, studied more, and coaching all along the way. I’ve experienced the life changing effects of rowing, and I’ve seen it in others from 12 years old to 75 year olds. I want to develop my approach to sharing this with more people, and this program is my foundation.

Amy from Pennsylvania
Drexel University