Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

I am motivated to pursue a Master in Social Work because I have a vocation to service, am affected by social issues, and I have prior knowledge on the humanities and social service.

Since my final years in high school, I have been aware of the amazing impact people have when they get together and participate in community activities in order to restore the fabric of society. I became involved with different social causes and community activities in my hometown. From these experiences I found my vocation. Social service was a place I could always find a way to grow. Then, when I was in college I began to understand the complexity of social reality and the sharpness of social problems around the world. I realized this complexity occurs especially in developing countries where inequality, extreme poverty, violence, and the precariousness of public health complicate realities which need an effective professional intervention. for example: One current social problem that needs to be addressed is the abuse of illicit drugs. It is important to understand that this is a social issue linked to economic, social and political aspects. According to the NIDA, in 2013 around 24.6 million of Americans 12 years and up had used an illicit drug in the last month, and, the highest use of drugs is condensed on population between the age of 14 and 26.

We cannot place all of this responsibility on the government and social justice organizations, nor can we fully expect a solution from personal philanthropic actions who voluntarily want to face these kinds of issues. Rather, facing these social problems involves a collective force of society, government, academia, and organizations, but still, it requires qualified professional intervention to achieve a positive social impact.

Taking into account the ideas expressed, I am motivated to renew my effort towards social work and intervention by acquiring expertise in this area, and having a professional contribution in social issues.

Cristian from Oklahoma
University of Oklahoma