Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

Many people and events throughout my life shaped me into the man I am today.
My greatest influence is my father, Mark. He left the United States in his early twenties to join the Catholic missions as a volunteer in the jungle region of Peru for seven years before joining Catholic Relief Services (CRS). He spent his tenure with CRS working in underdeveloped areas of Peru, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Burkina Faso, among several other countries, serving his final mission in Sudan by taking command of the relief efforts of the war-stricken Darfur and Juba regions. My father changed countless lives because of his labor and commitment to the poor and marginalized. When he was 20, he decided to set college aside to get involved in a rewarding and satisfying work with the Catholic Missions in Peru. He worked with the natives in the mountain areas and taught the poverty-stricken people to help themselves and to improve their working conditions. The natives in the mountains live in dire poverty and need help in any way.
Throughout my life, I have lived through many crises in different countries due to
my father’s job in helping society. My father's last adventure was in Sudan, where he was in charge of a program that provided life saving water, food, shelter, temporary schooling, and necessities to over 400,000 refugees in the west region of Darfur. It was there where he caught malaria, and it took the best of him. He died at 56 years young. Even though my father was out in the field saving the world, he was always there for me. In essence, he did everything he could to make the world a better place and also give us a better life. He is the reason for why I want to embark in a career in the legal field. My father made a difference for the poor and marginalized through his humanitarian assistance. I believe that with law and public policy one can prevent any wrongdoings or hardships that people of lower resources would go through.

Diego from Texas
South Texas College of Law