Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

For as long as I can remember, I have looked around me and realized that, as I grow, the world seems to grow bigger as well. As the world grows, so too do its problems. Specifically, health-related problems. I am no stranger to struggling with health problems as I have had to deal with a few of my own, of both the mental and physical variety. Because of this, I have taken a vested interest in helping to solve some of the world’s health problems.

I grew up suffering from an eating disorder. It is something I still struggle with to this day even though I like to think I have overcome it on most days. In reality, I am not sure it is something I will ever be fully past. Where I grew up, in China, eating disorders are common, and many people suffer in silence. The real problem is people think it is okay; they think, because it is an accepted part of certain societies, there is nothing wrong with it. This delusion stems from a lack of public health information and education. Although I was finally able to see the light and get help for myself, many people are not as fortunate as I have been. This is just one example of an issue I hope to help combat. The thought of being able to make a difference is what inspires me to pursue my goals.

In order to achieve the greatest positive impact I possibly can, I need to enter the appropriate field. Public health is a field in which I would have a direct impact on the health of as many people as possible. Becoming a public health specialist would allow me to ensure health information reaches the right audiences. Of the many career paths available to public health specialists, I am most interested in those involving researching the current health crises the world is facing, and working to develop solutions and possible treatments. With a graduate degree in Public Health, making the kind of difference I have spent my life dreaming of could become a reality.

Yue from California
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill