Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

My primary goal in serving as a family medicine physician is to increase diversity of primary care providers and decrease poor generational health habits within my family and community. As a new physician, within my first few years of practice I have already reached a point of burnout because of how the system of healthcare is managed. The current state of the practice of medicine has now become the business of medicine and is removing the patient from the center of care. I am seeking an MBA in Healthcare Leadership and Management to learn skills to fight as an advocate for the needs of my patients within the many bureaucracies that inhibit them from receiving adequate and equal care because of various social and economic barriers. I will develop greater knowledge and skills in the areas of leadership and advocacy in serving my under-served community and patients as an effective vessel of change. I will get vital skills to provide complete care of the patient through knowledge of information not taught or learned in medical school, residency or medical practice. Through the daily use of skills including team leadership, effective communication, negotiation and an understanding of the application of healthcare cost and financial management I can serve as a better advocate to help meet the needs of under-served patients who rarely have a voice. As a physician I do not simply want to be an employee. I desire to be in charge of the medical course of care I provide to patients and obtain skills to teach them to demand greater quality care for themselves. Advancing my knowledge and career in leadership and management enables me to manage any healthcare leadership challenge currently and in the future. I will develop the skills and become comfortable in asking the difficult questions, having insightful conversations, and making myself a seat at the table in the boardroom even when I am not invited.

Dakeya from Texas
University of Texas at Dallas