Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

In high school I was a soccer player who was injured more than I should’ve been. I spent most of my time in the athletic training room. Almost every season and off season I was in that room getting treatment and some what learning about what ATs do. When I get to college my injuries followed and I spent most of my time in the training room again. I had my classes in the same building so in between classes I also spent most of my time in there, just to catch up with other athletes or to just learn more about athletic training. I knew I wanted to be an athletic trainer in high school but it wasn’t until college I realized I needed a masters to fulfill my dream or serving my community as an athletic trainer. So now I’m pursuing a masters, starting in June I will be attending High Point University to further my education and start my journey into athletic training. I feel as if this is the field I can be my best self in and I can best serve the athletes in my community and give back to those athletes just as my trainers gave back to me. I have the passion for the field and all I need is the education. With this scholarship, it will help take the financial burden of school off my shoulders and allow me to focus more on school rather than focus on how will I pay for school.

Coleson from North Carolina
High Point University