Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

All my life I have had the desire to help people! I was first introduced to the field of Audiology as a participant in the Career Explorers program offered through my high school during my senior year. It was open to students who were interested in helping people in a medical field career. Through the program, I visited the Audiology Department at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and no less than a month later, I scheduled an observation. The day I observed, an audiologist programmed the cochlear implants of a three year old boy. After that day and seeing the boy’s reaction to sound for the first time, I was hooked. My desire to become an audiologist has become even stronger over the years as I have continued my education throughout undergrad and graduate school.
My hopes and goals for graduate school and the future is to help people! In particular, through my profession to help people hear and communicate better. My dream is to be a clinical audiologist for the military or veterans of the military. Through my educational and clinical audiology externships, I hope to learn the skills required to be the best audiologist I can possibly be! Once I finish graduate school, I plan on joining the military as a military audiologist. Not only can I serve this great country but I can help active duty, their families, and our veterans. I am hoping my hard work, determination, and perseverance during my doctoral program will finally pay off.
This scholarship would greatly aid in my tuition costs and reduce the amount of student loan debt I am acquiring. I currently work two separate jobs; one as an audiology teaching assistant where I assist my professors in many of the graduate and undergraduate audiology classes. Secondly, as a test proctor through the Student Accessibility Services at my university, to accommodate any special needs students may need while taking exams. This scholarship would help me financially so that I would be able to focus more on my studies. Thank you!

Lauren from Ohio
Ohio University