Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

Pursuing a postsecondary degree presents two great challenges. As an ethnic minority, I face the pressures of representing my family and others from the Latino community who do not have the same access to the educational opportunities I have been granted. Moreover, as a first-generation Latina college graduate, I have had to navigate through the college process without academic advice from my family and with little knowledge of the resources available. Given these challenges, I had to make sure to consistently investigate and be aware of academic opportunities in order to remain successful among my college peers. Through my struggles, I recognize pursuing a Master’s of Science in Nursing degree at UCLA to begin a career as a nursing leader is a privilege that I want to use to both care for my community and inspire Latino youth to pursue higher education despite the odds. Attaining the Mometrix Graduate School Scholarship will allow me to afford nursing school so I can continue to be a change agent within my local community.
Given my diverse experiences, I am sensitive to the fact that not all individuals have the same educational outcomes or awareness of educational resources due to the environment one might live in. Therefore, I want to advocate for students from all backgrounds in order for them to understand pursuing a postsecondary education is a possibility. I plan to use the bedside nursing skills I gain to make an immediate impact to treat who I come across without reservation while the nursing leadership skills will transcend into contributing research toward eliminating the racial disparities among minorities within the medical field. Furthermore, I aim to attain my Doctorate of Nurse Practitioner degree to supplement my leadership and research experience, allowing me to deliver culturally-sensitive hands-on medical treatment to those in need.

Melissa from California