Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

Growing up, I didn’t have a very permanent place to stay. Out of my 18 years of breathing air I’ve only had two places to consider a home. My mom wasn’t very stable with her work life not just due to her diagnosed illness, but also the fact that she never finished high school. Although she did pursue a GED, it still didn’t help her in getting a well paying job. I have this friend, and her mother also didn’t finish her high school years; and she always talks about her regret on not doing so.
I actually never even thought about going to college until my sophomore year. My family rarely lived financially comfortable; my mother even went hungry just so my sister and I could be fed properly. I felt as though college would be a difficult route for me to take due to how tight cash was for me and my family. Whenever it would be mentioned I would become very distant from the idea, “How can we afford something like this when we can hardly afford our own place to stay?” I felt that going to college would put an even bigger financial burden on my family. Not just my family, but even me.
But it was my mother’s and my best friend’s mother’s constant encouragement that really made me want to go. They constantly pushed me towards it, saying that this would really help me and my future so that I would never live uncomfortably again. They would push these ideas of a secure future, and a secure life. Which is definitely something that I’ve always wanted and needed. And it’s not just my future, but the family that I plan to create and extend in the far future. I would only hope that they won’t know the life I knew, constantly moving from house to trailer to even a closet space.
Going to college gives me a new sense of security on my future and my future’s future. I understand that college won’t be that easy, living close to on my own with bigger studies and bigger tests is going to be stressful and straining for me; but the craving for a comfortable lifestyle is what inspires me.

Angel from Louisiana
Northwood High School