Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

This past January I decided to enroll in a Clinical Mental Health Counseling graduate program at St. Bonaventure University. I was drawn to this program due to my own struggles with mental health. I spent most of my childhood trying to beat my challenges on my own. I didn’t think that I deserved to get better or that it was even possible to share my issues with others. I went to therapy appointments, but couldn’t seem to make any real progress because I was too stubborn to adhere to my therapist’s suggestions.

In January 2018, I found a therapist in my area and started going to appointments once a week. It was incredibly hard for me to live a balanced life. A majority of our conversations revolved around how to make it through the day instead of solving the larger underlying problems. However, I still found it impossible to meet deadlines at work. This past October it came to a point where I couldn’t mask my issues any longer. My co-workers were beginning to notice that I produced inconsistent work and had a hard time following any schedule. I was so far in a hole that I could not even imagine finding a way to get out on my own.

I ended up going to Timberline Knolls, a residential treatment center, to seek help. This place gave me so much hope at a time when I didn’t think there was any left for me. My therapist at the program guided me in exploring the underlying issues that had prevented me from getting better for so long. It took me about a week to begin fully opening up to her, but when I did it changed everything for me. I was able to implement coping skills that worked for me. I found confidence that I had never had before and derailed several negative thought traps that had been holding me back. My experience at Timberline Knolls was positive beyond belief and has radically changed my life. I admired my therapist and my treatment team as a whole for being so dedicated in helping me achieve a meaningful and free life.

Before I went to treatment, I searched every day to find purpose in my life. My purpose became very apparent while I was at treatment. I realized that I wanted to become a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and help people like myself every day.

Taylor from Ohio
St. Bonaventure University