Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

When I was 10 years old, my family visited my father’s home village in the mountains of Northeast India. People traveled from all over for a special anniversary festival, but there were many people who still lived in this rural area of the mountains. Most of them lacked regular access to health care, so my mother, who is a primary care physician, organized a temporary medical clinic. I was supposed to spend time with my cousins, but I insisted on staying in my mom’s “exam room” instead. I had zero expertise to contribute to the cause, but I was content with watching the work unfold.

Whether in a remote village in the mountains of India or in my own home, exposure to the world of health care was commonplace in my childhood. I was always fascinated by my mother’s job and thought that someday I too would be a physician. However, as I explored my future career options, I felt that dentistry would be a better fit for me. It was the ideal combination of my love for design, hands on work, and was like medicine. Dentistry is not an undergraduate major though, so I decided to study Public Health. I began to see the ways in which Public Health was actually a unique part of health care and in the end, the courses I have taken throughout my undergraduate career, coupled with my various experiences outside of college, have inspired me to continue to graduate school instead.

In pursuing a Master of Public Health, I hope to study Program Design, Implementation and Evaluation, with a focus in Health Communication. I want to learn the skills to develop and improve upon effective, culturally competent interventions that reduce health inequities on a global scale. This would allow me to utilize my aptitude for design to not only plan and monitor health programs, but also campaigns to promote the messages behind them. I hope that one day I can use the skills I learn in graduate school to make a tangible impact that changes the lives of people around the world.

Sarah from Massachusetts
Boston University