Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

My name is D’metrius Grier and I plan on attending Case Western Reserve University to pursue a Master of Science in Management with a concentration in Finance, continuing my undergraduate concentration. I chose to study Management because I love mathematics, exploring theory and applying it to the real world. Concentrating in Finance allows me to employ my strengths in mathematics while satisfying my interest in forecasting and monetizing decisions. Outside of the spreadsheets and analyses, I see an opportunity to change the world. Coupled with my obsession with real estate, my dream is to have my own real estate company. Using my company, I want to help others realize the American Dream of homeownership and to create myself an inlet to invest properly into the communities that need it.

My passion for real estate stems from my childhood. When I reached the age of 18, I had moved at least once for every year I was alive. 15 times, if my memory is correct. We didn’t stay in the grandest houses or apartments and the neighborhoods were far from safe. Seeing so many different places distraught and lacking proper attention and care motivated me to be a factor in changing that. There is no law that states that how much money you make should determine the beauty, security, and quality of the roof over your head. With a vested interest and a pivotal platform like this, I can make a true difference in places that need it and bring beauty, security, and quality to the doorstep of every kid growing up.

D'metrius from Ohio
Case Western Reserve University