Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

As an entrepreneur, I redefined a solution to the pervasive problem of women’s safety in India by launching DAZL, a ‘smart’ keychain device to help women find safety when faced with unsafe situations. To develop the product, I researched ‘Internet of Things’ technology, and traveled throughout Singapore, Shenzhen, and Penang interviewing contract manufacturers. I raised over $113,000 in seed funding / investment from Vodafone, Government of India, and SOSV (a venture capital firm), and assembled an international, cross-functional team of engineers and designers.

United in our mission to make the world safer for women, we created what I believe is a remarkable product, but ultimately I found that I could not launch DAZL sustainably at this point in my career. I continue to seek new ways to build on the spirit behind DAZL, and I am eager to improve my skills as an entrepreneur and organizational leader through the MIT Sloan MBA.

My post-MBA career aspiration is to launch a technology-enabled venture that provides a support platform across India and South East Asia to family caregivers of patients suffering from neurological & mental diseases. This platform would protect the identities of participants, which is crucial for this region because of the stigma attached to mental health issues, facilitate knowledge-sharing, and offer peer support. I will base the company in India, where there is a potential market size of over 110 million patients.

I am inspired by Sloan’s action-based learning methodology rooted in the ‘think-act-reflect’ model. I will learn how social innovations can reach millions of users through courses such as ‘Effective Business Models in Frontier Markets’ and ‘Innovating for Impact.’

Through MIT Sloan’s immersive management program, I hope to deepen my management and leadership abilities, forging life-changing personal and professional connections within MIT’s innovative and transformative ecosystem.

aditi from Illinois
Massachusetts Institute of Technology