Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

I was young, excited, and nervous. When I was touched it hurt and I said “Wait.” Instead, I felt a sharp stabbing pain between my legs and I screamed “Stop! Stop!” and crawled up the bed as I tried to clamp my legs together. But it didn’t stop. One of my wrists was held down and a voiced hissed at me to “Shut up. You are just making it worse.” My perfect and normal labor turned into a traumatic event. Within minutes I was told to push and I was cut without discussion or permission. I quickly delivered a healthy baby but the doctor pulled the cord off the placenta and then cursed at me as he reached in and scraped out the placenta with his hand. I was not told what was happening or offered pain medication. I just screamed. There are no memories of holding my baby. During the weeks after, I had post part depression. I didn’t understand how I could walk into a hospital healthy, coping, normal and ready to deliver and be treated worse then an animal. I felt ashamed and violated. On that Christmas day, I lost my innocence and became a mother.

A driving factor that led me towards a midwifery career was the experience of my first birth. I became motivated to provide a different experience for as many women as possible. I wanted no woman I cared for to feel disrespected, not listened to, or uninvolved in their care. My goal now is to return to school and complete my Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP). I have been accepted to my desired university and will start the program this summer. This degree will build on my undergraduate and Master’s Degrees in Nursing as well as my 18 years of experience delivering over 5000 babies while supporting and advocating for women. A doctorate degree will prepare me to be a professor of nurse midwifery. By teaching and training others, I can influence the care of so many more women than I can on my own.

Thank you for the opportunity to apply for this graduate school scholarship.

Ruth from Massachusetts
Frontier Nursing University