Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

Change is inevitable and it begins with one thought. That is how I will begin and for you to get an insight into my story. I am the oldest of 4 children born to immigrant parents that came to the United States with a dream. To see something better than their home country of Mexico, for their children to have a better life. Fast forward years later I was a troubled kid with a broken family, my parents had separated and I was left with the thought of becoming something better than the circumstances that I was currently facing. Drugs, gangs , violence, my brothers facing incarceration.
Never did I think that I would be at the point in my life where I am today. I am a father of four kids of my own currently enrolled in my first year of Law School at Gonzaga University and beyond grateful for this opportunity.
Years ago I could not imagine that this would be an option that I would be thriving in the place where I am today. As I see my parents and look back at their struggles of their efforts to raise their children as best they could as best they knew. In a sense seeing their own joy as I send them pictures of school and communicate with them the many things that I am doing at school with volunteer work in the community and the deep love that is growing in me as I see people from all walks wanting something better for their children for themselves. I come to admire how a thought that my parents had to have something better for their family and for themselves even, for them to have something better it truly humbles me and makes me put more effort in what I do to continue may education knowing and understanding that it not only change my life but it will also change and affect the lives of my family and others, that may have been in the same situations that I was and feeling hopeless like I o So to answer the question as to why I pursue a higher education I will say it began with a thought, of becoming better, of seeing a better future for my own children it is one thought

Israel from Utah
Gonzaga law school