Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

In fifth grade, I was granted the highest privilege of any student in my class: The chance to make the weekly "All About Me" board. The board had boxes for every part of a student's life: favorite color, food, etc. I spent that weekend working intensely to make sure I presented my best self to my new classmates. By Monday morning, all but one of the boxes were complete. As I sat at my desk, I contemplated on how to answer the last box: "When I grow up I want to be a...". In an effort to complete the board, I hurriedly wrote "doctor" in the box because I thought it sounded fun. Little did I know, that last-minute decision would put me on my path to a career in health care. Throughout high school, I continued to fall in love with the idea of working in health care. Only one thing wavered from fifth grade to high school: the title of doctor. As I had begun researching different universities, I began considering my post-graduate plans. When I started to look at the prerequisites for medical school, I was surprised to find one thing missing: patient care hours. My cousin, who is a physician assistant, shared with me that most applicants needed direct patient care hours in order to develop interpersonal skills needed in the medical field. When I realized a PA's job was focused on people before it even began, I knew that I had found a career that reflected my patient-centered values. To ensure healthcare was the field for me, I pursued opportunities to work in a high-income area as well as pursue an internship in a grant-funded community clinic. Both of these put me in an exam room with patients and helped me gain helpful insight into the career. Graduate school will provide me the opportunity to pursue this lifelong passion of mine. The journey to get into school was a long one, full of academic rigor and the difficulties of working as a young student. However, as I demonstrated above, I am excited and well prepared to take on the difficult task of PA school.

Macy from Kansas
Wichita State University