Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

My interest in pursuing a career in the law, specifically in the field of family law is tied to my
experience as a foster parent. Our first placement was a case of medical neglect, and I still
shudder thinking about the first few weeks of caring for them and facing their parents in court. They came to us untreated for severe deficiencies in vision, hearing loss, emotional disturbance related to trauma, a likely autism diagnosis, and cognitive delays that we decided to accommodate by having my wife stay home full-time. They weren’t yet school-age, so she managed their schedule from morning to night. Perhaps if they had a well-informed advocate capable of arguing for a better outcome, justice for these three young lives could have begun sooner. We have budgeted our limited income to get out of debt and will continue that while I am in school. We have paid off $12,000 of consumer debt in the last three months, and we have already snowballed those monthly payments into the $85,000 in student loans remaining. We are committed to reaching financial peace, and a big aspect of that goal is to avoid or diminish the need for more loans for law school. I have already received a 75% merit-based scholarship and we will attempt to pay the rest with an interest-free installment plan from the school, but I am still intensely seeking out external scholarships to help ease funding the gap. If selected, I vow that I will be a good steward of your financial giving and will work in service to the foster children I am trying hard to raise.

Jeremiah from Oregon
Lewis and Clark School of Law