Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

I graduated with an undergrad in Communication. At 20-something, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. I became a mom in my twenties, and then a single mom of three boys by the time I was 32. Over the next few years, I worked to make ends meet, but knew there was a calling that I was ignoring. When I turned forty, I did a mid life check point of my path, and realized that teaching is what I was meant to do. And not just teaching anyone-teaching kids with special circumstances. I have never felt so strongly about something before. My oldest son was in high school, and I knew that I needed to be an example to him and my other two boys. I wanted them to live their dream, so I needed to live mine. Of course, I kept putting it off. I convinced myself that I had no time, and couldn’t find the MK ey to pay for college. Then, last year, my oldest son graduated from high school and began his college career. He knows exactly what he wants to do in life and is going after it. I knew what I wanted to do but wasn’t going after it. Finally, a friend was getting her Master’s and talked to me about teaching and what kind of commitment it took. And I pretty much knew it was now or never. I am almost 43, and would love to have a 20 year career in teaching, so I Berger get started. And this special kids need someone who love them and believe in them. And I do and I always will

MK from Georgia
University of West Georgia