Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

I am getting my Master of Science in nursing at UCLA starting fall 2019 and will get my family nurse practitioner certificate after I am done with the two-year program. My long-term career goals include opening a medical spa clinic or a private practice where I can help my clientele with their skin issues. Getting this Master of Science in nursing degree will assist in my goals of being a mid-level provider.
I love helping people and want people to not be embarrassed about having acne or skin conditions that affect them going out on dates, making presentations at work and talking to people without people looking at their acne. Getting this degree will also help me open the door of giving people medical advice because I will have the degree and credential which will make me certified to do so. I want to give YouTube tutorials on skin care routines for different skin care types. I also want to give product recommendations based on different skin care types and educate people about the different ways to take care of their skin, which is the biggest organ in the body. I also want to go on medical mission trips in third world countries like Nigeria and Peru and help people live a better quality of life by giving out free medications and free clothes. An issue I would address for African Americans is mental health service access for minorities. I believe that mental health should be a priority for everybody because I believe an indicator for how successful someone will be is their relationship with their mind. How you take care of emotional problems and difficulties in life will determine how far you can go.
A degree can open a myriad of opportunities which is why I am excited about getting my masters at UCLA this fall 2019. I cannot wait to be an ambassador for my community and go on homeless shelter trips, give free STD screenings, give lectures about birth control and reproduction to inner city kids. I want to be an agent of change in my community.

Oluwadara from California
California State University Fullerton