Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

I have been fortunate that my parents have always considered travel to be the best form of education. For me, art has been the bridge between the two. I learned about the places to which I traveled via their artworks and architecture - from the stories surrounding impressionist artworks lining the walls of Paris’ Musée d'Orsay, to the creational saga of the Sagrada Famíllia in Barcelona. No matter the place, art has always provided me with a greater understanding of the cultures I have explored and the countries I have visited.

Not only do I find art to have great educational value, but also I am incredibly passionate about it. Through Sotheby’s Institute of Art, I will turn this passion into a career, delivering value and sharing my love to interested buyers. I am particularly interested in an education at Sotheby’s, as it will provide me with a stronger foundation and understanding of the industry I plan to enter. This program will afford me especially valuable and needed work experience during the internship portion given the numerous connections the school has within the art industry. Thus far, my work experience within the arts sphere has largely been geared towards volunteer and museum work with an emphasis on youth development. The Art Business masters program will offer me the skills required in the for-profit, or business sector of the art industry.

Perhaps one of the largest draws of Sotheby’s Institute is the networking opportunities it's master's program can offer me as a result of its close connection with one of the leading auction houses in the world. I aspire to work for the auction house, and as such, I fully intend to take advantage of all contact opportunities I can make while in the graduate program.

Finally, as an American hoping to study at the London campus, I will be provided with the opportunity to travel to a new country I have never before experienced. I will be educating myself the best way I know how, through exploration and art.

Kaitlin from Colorado
Sotheby's Institute of Art