Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

My profession has found me versus the other way around. Having grown up on a small suburban street with a neighbor, Michael that had severe disabilities as a child through adulthood, I experienced not only day-to-day activities and sharing responsibilities, yet also providing support within every school level as a familiar face for him. I have the patience that it takes to work with both mild to moderate disabilities, and have subbed within this area.
Beyond Hofstra University, and tenure in New York City working within media, fitness, and marketing, I made my way back home to Cape Cod where my family resides. The past several years I have been working within the realm of general management, though more recently after wrapping on a project within Boston’s South Shore, I’ve been working in my town as a substitute teacher for three years and as an ESL teacher online for a company called VIPkid for two years. I work with students from China every day one-on-one, providing direction, giving patience, and coaching support for students to comprehend and learn the English language. I’ve been selected as one of their teachers in the top 20 percent of their Company to demo all-new interactive levels that are coming soon. It’s been an exciting process and very rewarding.
Since 2017, as I began undergoing an advanced degree in business (MBA, 3.92); when several teaching positions then influenced me to become a teacher (presently MEd., 3.90). I am in the process of completing the final requirements for MA initial licensure (elementary grades 1-6). My most recent position held in Boston’s South Shore provided a training opportunity as executive level management for a fitness company that was for a startup geared towards teaching children martial arts. I learned on-the-job several facets of childcare laws necessary to launch a successful health club and unique juice bar.
Thank you for your consideration of my accomplishments.

Julianne from Massachusetts
Merrimack College