Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

I've always struggled to choose what to study, because I'm so passionate about everything I start learning! I wanted to work with people, so I tried to go for human resources. I wanted to be involved with policies and laws, so I studied business. I loved words, so I majored in English for my undergrad. I wanted to teach too though... and I had no idea how to find a place I could do all of these. Then I became a Resident Adviser at my university. The impact the job has, the ups and downs, and working with college students sold me. I love college students. So I looked into it and found a degree in College Counseling and Student Development at Azusa Pacific University. With this, I can teach and mentor student on how to be examples and support for those around them. I can play a crucial role in the development and implementation of policies, and I can work with people.

College was the missing piece for me, and now I get the opportunity to help others find the pieces to their puzzles! The people I've worked with have supported me all the way, and encouraged me to try new things at each step. They provided learning experiences, opportunities, and chances for me to see what it might be like if it were me in their roles, and pursuing this degree is the last step I need to become like them. I'm going after this to be the person that supports and uplifts others, and I'm thrilled that there's a degree at Azusa Pacific University that helps me do just that!

Michaela from Washington
Western Washington University