Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

The upbringing of one extends to outside of the household, as society has as much influence. I have grown up in Houston, which has a largely predominate Hispanic community, and naturally has a large immigrant population from many countries in the world. Having seen my parents go through many obstacles, especially in the path of citizenship, I can infer that many people live in a similar lifestyle. Speaking in most part of the Hispanic community; living in fear or uncertainty, especially in this day in age, it is important for them to have resources. For this reason, I want to be a legal resource to the people who may have a fourth-grade education or no education at all, who may often be taken advantage of, all while only want to make an honest living and living the American Dream, while following the laws of United States. I don’t only want to limit myself to that, but just as I currently volunteer at a local church mentoring youth, I want to continue my mentorship on a larger scale that may extend to many other First-Generation students, legal or not, in their own educational endeavors. Whether I practice in the private sector, or become a Public servant, my ultimate goal is to be a resource to the people. Just as I want to ensure that my parent’s sacrifice was not in vain, I want to extend that sentiment to the people of Houston to ensure that their sacrifices will be protected and recognized. In addition, just as I want to establish the same foundations that my parents established in me to my future kids, I want to extend that same sentiment to the youth of Houston, who may often be lost being First-Generation Americans just as I was.

I believe in order to achieve my goals, it is vital obtain a Juris Doctorate. I believe I have been given the necessary tools to obtain it, just as I did in my undergraduate studies.

Christopher from Texas
South Texas College of Law