Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

I have always striven to give back to the community. When I was in high school, I did not understand about what I want to do. I had many goals and I do not have a prime focus. However, it all changed when I went with some friends from a local church to volunteer at a homeless shelter. I opened then my eyes. At the shelter, I realized that there are many people in need, and I have never felt so bad before in my life. I felt the compassion overcome me. During this time, there was a clinic being set up for the patients to get free medical health care. I decided to help with the intake of patients for the clinic. I felt so touched by the nurses, medical students, and doctors on the site that use their free time to help people who cannot afford insurance and proper healthcare. This inspired me to jump into the professional field of health care. I want to serve the people and provide professional care for people who cannot afford proper medical care. After doing much research, I decided to pick pharmacy. What really inspires me is what I can do once I graduate with a Pharm. D degree. When I graduate, I want to go volunteer at free clinics, churches, in the community during my free time from work. I want to use the education I received at Loma Linda University and apply it to the community. During my time in Loma Linda, I have a good deal of experience with free clinics in Riverside and San Bernardino. I was also a clinical coordinator for an organization in my school. With my experience, I plan to start volunteer clinics at local churches, or homeless shelters. I want to apply my degree for good of the society. In California, there are many people who are not making ends meet and cannot afford the copay to see a doctor. With a free clinic, these people can get the proper care they need with no financial worries. This really inspire me to pursue my graduate degree and do the very best for the community.

Nicholas from California
Loma Linda University