Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

As a child, and well into my adult life, I was fascinated by comic book superheroes. As I matured, I realized more about exactly why this attraction had formed. It wasn't simply because the characters could run faster than a speeding bullet or shoot spider-webbing, it was also the fact that these characters are forces for change. The fact that these heroes each seek justice in their own way reflects the ways in which societies develop their own sense of the word. Justice is different between time periods and geopolitical contexts in the same way that it differs between viewpoints and actions of characters in graphic novels. The fascination with the complexity of defining and pursuing what is "right" and "wrong" presented in these stories transferred into the real world as I matured and developed a political consciousness. This is what first motivated me onto my educational path. As juvenile as it may sound, I want to imitate my fictional idols. My aspiration is to use my own abilities to seek justice and influence the transformation of society. The MPA program will facilitate my becoming an agent of innovation and the Foreign Service will allow me to face the greatest challenges that the world faces.

I chose the pursuit of an MPA to gain access to fulfill a major role in the public sector, a position with the intent of shaping of our society. Governance on behalf of those governed is my penultimate goal with both my personal life and my future career aspirations. Becoming an FSO will require cultural competency and flexibility and provide the prospect of advocating diplomatic and symbiotic initiatives, representing and promoting ideas I believe in while assimilating ideas of those I interact with. This is a mission I can firmly get behind.

Nelson from Kansas
Wichita State University