Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

I started developing an interest in nursing when my father, who had smoked for more than thirty years and underwent three angioplasties, suddenly had a major heart attack in 2005. It was my second year in the United States, and my English was very limited at that time. I will never forget how shocked I felt when I saw my 68-year old father lying unconsciously in the Cardiac Care Unit of a local public hospital, and how appreciative we were when a Chinese-speaking nurse cared enough to explain the situation to my mother and me. This nurse became my inspiration to pursue nursing as my career. Moreover, during my practice, I have found that ordinary people, such as my parents, lack the general idea of self-care and disease prevention by following a healthy lifestyle. It is my ultimate career goal to work at a primary care clinic to serve immigrants like my parents who don’t speak English, with a focus on health education and preventative medicine.

I believe nursing is a lifelong learning process. After three and a half years of bedside experience and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing conferred in 2017, I am motivated to do more. I want to work not only as a registered nurse, but also as a master-prepared family nurse practitioner at a primary care clinic!

The Family Nurse Practitioner program at San Francisco State University is especially attractive to me because of the community-based clinical hours. With the largest Chinese immigrant population on the west coast, being in San Francisco will allow me to utilize my Chinese language fluency serve a highly diversified community, as well as play an important role in health promotion and policy advocacy. As a first generation immigrant and the first people in my family to attend college, I feel it is a privilege as well as a responsibility to serve my patients and give back to my community.

Xiaoling (Claire) from California
Starting at San Francisco State University in Fall 2019