Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

I was in awe the first time I went to the ballet. The ballerinas moved with such beauty and grace, yet the music told a story of tragedy. I was five years old when I decided I would be a ballerina. If you ask my mother, she will tell you I have had an aptitude for dancing since the day I took my first step. Never leaving my toes, the running joke of my family was “Stephanie can’t walk without dancing.”
As I grew to become a trained ballet dancer, tapping into my own emotions to feel the music and tell the story through dance came naturally to me. However, I did not understand the powerful healing process of dancing until I faced depression. This is where my dance/movement therapy journey begins.
It was a traumatic experience during my last semester in college, less than par grades (please note in transcripts), and a feeling of emptiness that nearly consumed me. Alone and lost, the only thing that kept me feeling alive was dancing. When a painful trigger approached, I danced it out. I never gave up hope as I dreamed someday I would help others find their own dance and true salvation. This is my destiny and innate purpose. I believe that creative art therapy integrates the body and mind. I truly believe, as Irving Berlin once said, “The best things happen while you’re dancing.”
My aptitude for therapy starts with a humble, empathetic heart. Inspired by emotions, I am driven by individuality and respect the perception of others. In graduate school, I want to explore new realms of application, especially with school aged children who need help decreasing physical aggression and socialization deficits. Currently, I work as a Therapeutic Staff Support and experience firsthand the negative impact target behavior has on the education of children. My job is challenging, yet incredibly rewarding, as my clients and I reciprocate being the teacher and being the learner. I believe as a dance/movement therapist, I can make a greater impact on the lives of our children and our future.
This next step in my journey comes from a place of compassion for human services, dedication to the healing art of dance, and my ambition to improve and attain well-being among our communities.
Thank you for your consideration for the Mometrix Graduate School Scholarship.
Making every step count,
Stephanie Campbell

Stephanie from Pennsylvania
Drexel University (Fall 2019)