Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

My goal is to return to school and complete my Doctor of Nursing Practice (DPN). This degree will build on my Master’s Degree in Nursing in areas of quality improvement, systems leadership and evidence-based practice. It will also prepare me to be a professor of nursing and nurse midwifery.

I have practiced as a full scope Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) for 18 years in the hospital and clinic setting. I have delivered over 5000 babies to families with diverse backgrounds. In addition, I have provided health care to women which includes family planning, prenatal care, and gynecological exams. As a CNM, I focus on involving women in their healthcare decisions and use interventions judiciously when there is a clear medical need. My goal has been to support women and empower each one to make good health care decisions for themselves and their families.

A driving factor that inspired me towards a midwifery career was my experience as a young mother. I experienced a normal pregnancy and labor that turned into a traumatic event with unnecessary and harmful interventions that left me physically harmed and emotionally traumatized. This experience motivated me to provide a different experience for women. I wanted no woman I cared for to feel disrespected, not listened to, or not involved in their care and the decisions made. I feel I have met this goal in my career but desire to broaden the number of women that I impact.

Over the years, I have taken part in the education of nurses and OBGYN resident physicians. I have discovered that I very much enjoy passing on my knowledge and skills and have received much positive feedback from my students. I believe the best way I can continue to improve compassionate and quality women’s healthcare is by receiving the education required to be a nurse midwifery professor. By teaching and training others, I can influence the care of so many more women than I can on my own. The women I care for have inspired me to reach for even more!

Ruth from Massachusetts
Frontier Nursing University