Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

As an educator for the past 19 years, I can attest to the impact that a well-rounded education can have on our youth. Within my classrooms I have always stressed the importance of empowering my student’s learning, and providing them with the opportunity to explore and share their ideas in an encouraging environment. As an Educational Administrator candidate for the 2019 fall semester 092 certification Graduate Program at Sacred Heart University, I plan to utilize my position as an Administrator to empower and inspire teachers to think out of the box when educating students in their classrooms, and provide them with greater opportunities to ignite and excite their learning. By granting me this scholarship you will be providing me with the opportunity to further my own education and fulfill my dream of educating and empowering today’s youth to develop a lifelong love of learning.
Within my first five years of graduating with my Educational Leadership degree I plan to put my education to work by shaping, inspiring and leading educators in a position as administrator within a dynamic school district. I hope to bridge the gap between parents and educators, so that we can provide our students with an education that will prepare them to become successful and follow their dreams. I hope to inspire teachers to create innovative lessons that will challenge the minds of their students, and push them to always be willing to learn and collaborate with their colleagues to provide the best possible education they can for their students. I hope to instill a love of lifelong learning within the students in my charge, providing a sense of pride in their school community and themselves, and teaching them that if they persevere they can accomplish any goal they set for themselves. For myself, I hope to create a legacy of learning, so that when my parents, teachers and students reflect back on my years of educational service, they will fondly remember me as someone who valued them

Tami from Connecticut
Sacred Heart University