Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

What would today’s healthcare system look like if we never provided resources for recovery following a life-altering diagnosis? Modern medicine has found ways to increase the number of days in a patient’s life, and I believe that the field of physical therapy is what adds quality of life to those days. I have recognized that my decision to pursue a career in physical therapy is accompanied by a great deal of responsibility and influence on each patient’s future. Physical therapy has moved from a profession to a calling over the past eight years of my life, and my intent is that this letter adequately encompasses my passion to pursue my graduate degree.
The doctor explained that as a result of my ACL knee injury, I would be unable to compete during my senior season. This news was life shattering and the thought of surgery with a long journey of physical therapy was daunting. I have come to realize how this situation would build the foundation for the rest of my life. It was because of this experience I realized how the process of rehabilitation is more than just recovery of physical function, it is a journey that can shape a patient’s future. My time in physical therapy not only fueled my passion to serve others, but it allowed me to return to soccer at the collegiate level. This impact on my life solidified my desire to fully commit to pursuing the field of physical therapy. I have witnessed many patients overcome some of life’s most difficult obstacles with an invested physical therapist by their side. I became inspired to strive towards becoming a clinician known by commitment to excellence through patient-centered and evidence-based care. The financial implication of a physical therapy degree for graduate school alone will total approximately $100,00 dollars in debt. Although I do not go a day without being overwhelmed by this amount, it is worth the personal sacrifice in the pursuit of seeing other lives changed through the power of rehabilitation.

Maile from Ohio
The Ohio State University