Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

I am undertaking a master’s degree in Library and Information Science with a concentration in Information Analysis to gain a better understanding of database management, acquire skills in web design, business and management. I have keen interests in multiple fields, especially history and business. I am constantly researching famous business leaders and the ideas and strategies they used to become successful. Some may find it curious to think that it is possible to incorporate the skills acquired earning a Bachelor’s in history to a business or other academic institution. Basically, I plan to stay in the field of research and ideas, that is, to operate as a "think tank" but on at a significantly higher level. I want to take information and be able to manage it and use it in a range of purposes, from simplifying to coming up with solutions. A career that includes technical writing, organizing or performing research in marketing, government or other fields interests me. Consequently, the degree in Library and Information Science would satisfy of these interests. Currently, I am currently an administrative aide and historical interpreter at the African American Civil War museum. My duties include doing research and presenting it to the public and other interested persons. In addition, I also interact with mass numbers of people each day and manage interns, volunteers, merchandise, and databases. I have some skills that are listed in a MLIS curriculum. A degree in Library and Information Science would acquaint me with the latest technological developments in the field, and thus strengthen and expanded upon my body of knowledge. At my home town church, I use database technology to record and store sermons, store the music for the choir and find ways to reach out to members and the community who cannot attend services in person. Methods include live streaming and social media.I plan to go into the field of research and ideas, that is, to operate as a "think tank".

Jerome from District of Columbia
Catholic University of America