Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

“Hurry, wake up!” a father uttered as he frantically tried to get his children out of bed in the middle of the night. “Come with me; it has started again and we need to lie under the tables.” Startled, the kids followed their father and lay flat under the living room table. “Just imagine fireworks and everything will be okay.” Trying to compare flying bullets to fireworks was this father’s desperate strategy to calm his alarmed children whenever Israeli soldiers and Palestinian civilians opened fire during the uprising that took place in the West Bank in 2001. His then 7-year-old daughter realized too soon that the world she lived in was a brutal one; people were hurting both emotionally and physically. Robbed of a normal childhood, she grew up appreciating the gift of life at a young age, believing that nothing should be taken for granted and praying that one day, she would be in a position to ease people’s pain somehow. That frightened girl is now a determined adult applying for PA school.
As a child, I witnessed bloodshed. The political situation was always tense, but it escalated into an uprising in 2001, during which we experienced a 40-day imposed curfew. No one was allowed to leave their house during that time. Every day, we would hear about several deaths and lots of injuries. My father, pastor of a church in Bethlehem, would receive calls all day from desperate families needing food to feed their children and medicine to care for the injured. He would risk his life secretly driving around delivering bread and medicine to as many families as he could. I begged to accompany him once and I will never forget how I felt that day. I knew right then that I wanted to live my life serving others.
This passion of mine stayed with me as I moved to the US for undergraduate studies in Genetics. Although I loved conducting research, I loved patient care even more. That is why I decided to pursue a graduate degree in Physician Assistant studies; to serve through medicine.

Roseen from Texas
Baylor College of Medicine