Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

Dear Sir/madam
My name is Mohamed Lamine Chabbi, I’m willing for a scholarship to assist me throughout my time
studying in the Information Technology Course which supposed to be next Fall 2019.
Being awarded the chance to study further in the field that I love in the university is incredible
opportunity for me and one I intend to seize wholeheartedly without reservation, I have consistently
proven throughout my previous studies and working experience than when presented with an
opportunity I will strive as hard as I can to be best represent myself and reward those who have granted
me a chance to prove such, this is evident in my continuing relations with university.
I’m extremely confident that studying at university is going to be wonderful opportunity to
develop myself academically and my skills of social communication, responsibility and creativity
in my field of work in the future,
I am planning to go to university next year with all my enthusiasm and determination and to achieve my
dream of being an engineer like my father and mother are motivating me in my youth, as you know as in
America and the college is an expensive.
I’m currently dealing with some financial difficulties, and I’m enable to pay my fees for the next fall
semester, I have design to obtain a part time position in order to finance my studies, but it will likely not
be enough to cover whole tuition and accommodation fees in addition to my normal living expenses
based on my financial situation.
My father is retired, He is living outside the U.S, he is getting a pension of 700$ per month, with this
amount I’m unable to meet my study expenses, hereby, I repost you to kindly grant a scholarship can
help me complete my postgraduate program for achieving a good carrier in life.
I really appreciate if you could grant me a scholarship

mohamed lamine from Virginia
supposed to be next fall 2019