Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

Working in under-served communities in the New York City area was a big part of why I am pursuing graduate education in order to become a physician assistant. Community service opportunities really gave me an awareness of the health needs of many people who may not have traditional access to health care, and it pushed me to relate to people with different viewpoints than me. I was prompted to think of health care non-traditionally and to get people to realize that they are the most important part of their healthcare. Educating people on preventative measures and simple ways to maintain health became just as important as treating illnesses, and this really inspired me to think outside of the box when educating people on their health. In addition, getting residents of the community to realize that life equals flow brought into perspective that knowing how to save someone’s life does not replace the fact that they did not always have access to the necessary tools to make saving someone’s life possible.
As a physician assistant, I aim to create an environment where people feel comfortable enough to relay any issues that they may face. Working within the field of medicine is far greater than a profound knowledge of medicine; the application of that knowledge to various unique situations and the ability to translate that knowledge to a vast number of people would be a crucial component to relaying the importance of health maintenance to the world.
In order for me to become the kind of provider that impacts the world patient by patient, I would need to graduate from an accredited graduate program successfully. The proper graduate program would help me to provide care in an empathetic and professional, yet relatable way, in order to effectively care for people. I look forward to beginning graduate school this fall and becoming one step closer to becoming the provider I only could have dreamed of.

Charisma from New York
St. John's University