Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

What inspired me to pursue a graduate degree was a combination of an initially passing interest in the idea related to notions of being a "student forever," where I was dedicated to advancing my knowledge throughout life, coupled with my fiance's inspiration, where she said, "look, you can do this, it will be amazing." Boy, was she right. As usual. Once I got accepted to New York University's Stern School of Business, I became extremely excited, realizing that a new chapter, nay, a new journey in life was about to begin.

When I look back on the inspiration, it was two parts. I submit to those who see things deterministic-ally along a single axis, is it not truer to the nature of reality that a multifarious set of circumstances converge to push a person along to the next step in their journey?

In my case, it certainly was. This latent - in all of us, I think - desire to grow, or, as they say overhead in the Q train stops in the Upper East Side, "Excelsior," coupled with an external circumstance that catalyzes the movement.

My finance, Corina, was so supportive. We discussed what business school could mean for our future, and one day for our children. It was such an exciting series of conversations. But I was also nervous, because it really is biting off a big chunk of life all at once to be working and going to school simultaneously. It's like being that flying carpet from Aladdin and getting pulled in two directions at once... you hope you can stay afloat, while not being torn asunder. It is a balancing act.

Enthusiasm and excitement, hope for the future, and internal contemplation coupled with external support and suggestion all added up into a cauldron of yes.

Now that I'm halfway through the business school experience, I can say with authenticity that it was worth it (so far!). For anyone out there who is considering going to business school, it can sometimes be daunting I know, but think it over, talk to your loved ones about it, and then go for it!

Nathan from New York
New York University Stern School of Business