Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

I believe Graduate school is an institution that can really give a platform to students who are looking to specialize and hone in a career. I have a degree in communications from Drexel University and I leveraged that to get my first job. It was a great start but I felt like I needed to go back to school for Global Affairs to understand how it is impacting the Global economy. I want to eventually create partnerships between public and private sectors to leverage private sector products/ to help the public sector to help reach the Sustainable Development Goals. We don't have time to wait around and pretend that other people are going to take care of our planet. For this reason, I thought understanding the global economy and how it impacts the world would help me make a difference in my community, and eventually propagate positive social change. I truly believe to create change you have to know that you are capable of making it... you just have to start. I was highly inspired by a conference called One Young World that I had attended in 2016 in Ottawa, I attended again as an ambassador in 2017, this conference also helped me understand that we can come together as a global community to perpetuate positive social change. For this reason, I went back to graduate school to understand why and how I could absorb all the information needed to accelerate in helping global issues. The information and the connections you make in graduate school is also important, you meet people who have experience in dealing with many types of issues, and you're able to leverage the network to bring together a community of like minded people to help solve global issues.

Natasha from New York
New York University - Center of Global Affairs