Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

I have always known that any career path I choose will involve helping others. However, it was not until my last three years studying at university that my aspired profession became distinct. Looking back, becoming a speech-language pathologist seems a natural choice given my personality and interests. However, the support I have received from my active duty military spouse, his command, and other military spouses I have met over the last five years while stationed in Norfolk, Virginia have lent me the courage to pursue higher education in order to better myself, my family, and my community.
The military community is extremely encouraging while instilling values of hard work, perseverance and sacrifice. These values have carried over and encouraged me to follow my desire to obtain a graduate degree that aligns with my strengths and passions. Over the last several years volunteering as a board member for the USS BOISE’s Family Readiness Group I have forged many meaningful relationships with many types of people with varying backgrounds. Interacting with so many different people has encouraged me to seek a workplace setting that mirrors the community I have grown to admire.
My professional goals include working in the public sector, specifically with the juvenile population. I believe in serving diverse populations and advocating for children and their families. In the future, I anticipate offering services in a variety of locations as my husband and I relocate throughout his career. I intend to serve whomever is in need through one nonprofit health institutions installed throughout the country.
Acts of compassion and support are too often missing in our world, but it is something I have found and used as inspiration to pursue an advanced degree so that I may help others. Therefore, I will dedicate my career to help young individuals of various populations become more effective communicators after receiving therapy treatment wherever the military sends my family.

Koren from Virginia
Old Dominion University