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I commenced a year-long internship with a World Health Organisation (WHO) field office located in North-western Nigeria after obtaining my B.Sc at Campbell University, NC in the year 2016. I was heavily involved in both field and documentation activities of the Polio Eradication Initiative and Expanded Programme on Immunisation. My enthusiasm for scientific research during this internship propelled me to seek mentorship from Dr Semeeh Omoleke, with whom I share co-authorship of my first research publication in the British Medical Journal, Global Health titled “Quagmire of epidemic disease outbreaks reporting in Nigeria”. The success of this project was largely influential in my decision to continue studies of infectious diseases. My internship programme afforded me remarkable insight into the logistical, socio-cultural, economic and political paradigms involved in epidemic disease surveillance and response. Working with Dr Semeeh not only reinforced my commitment to pursue a biomedical research career, but also my objective to work with investigators like him committed to eliminating infectious diseases on a global front.
My dissertation research intent is to investigate molecular mechanisms of host-pathogen interaction as well as determine therapeutic applications of my findings. My primary objective for undertaking a PhD programme is to achieve a broad training in infectious diseases (ID), immunology and microbial pathogenesis. I aim to delve deeply into areas such as host-pathogen interaction, physiological mechanisms of recovery, and mechanisms of parasitic infection.
As a Nigerian who possesses a unique perspective on the distribution of infectious disease burden in Sub-Saharan Africa, my long-term goal is to establish a distinguished infectious disease laboratory where I will devote my life to combatting IDs. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to begin a most exciting journey to obtaining my PhD at the University of Vermont, starting summer 2020.

Jubilee from California
The University of Vermont