Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

If I could put a picture of my daughters here, they would be the only two characters I would need to explain my inspiration in pursuing my graduate degree. I went through an amicable but devastating divorce and needed to do something in response to the grief. I hate to admit it, but plastic surgery crossed my mind, but when I looked at my two little redheads, I imagined what I would tell them in ten year. Would my story be that I chose to make myself look better physically; that appearance is what it takes to feel good about yourself? Or would I tell them that I chose to improve my mind and potentially my income prospects so we could have a better life? The choice then seemed obvious. The only way I could fathom looking my girls in the eye and explaining what I did when their dad left me was to choose my mind. Those little gals are the driving force behind the majority of my decisions, and this one was no different.

Leslie from Missouri
Missouri State University