Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

I’m enrolled in a seminary program with Liberty University and seeking a Masters of Art in biblical expository which I intend to further expound on and seek a Masters in Divinity. Unlike the goals I had for my previous degrees which were to obtain a successful career and to make a lot of money, my goal for a seminary degree is to study more about the Old and New Testament books of the Bible to include the Hebrew and Greek texts and to apply what I learn to local ministry and missions work. My current extensive involvement with my local church through small group leadership, intercessory prayer ministry and outreach ministries has inspired me to learn more about the faith I hold dear. I desire to apply it to future ministries using the knowledge learned from seminary to help spread the gospel message to unreached people across the globe. In the first five years after graduating from seminary, I anticipate working in local ministry under the guidance of a senior pastor or working with a Christian nonprofit organization all the while continuing to lead small groups or other ministry opportunities. With a Masters in Divinity, I intend to have what is necessary to pastor those in need of the message of the gospel. I enjoy journaling about my Christian experiences, so authorship to help others in their walk or to help answer questions is also a real possibility that credentialing from seminary would provide. What ever tools this degree will afford me to reach out and fulfill what I feel I’m called to do will be welcomed. Ultimately, I plan to be a laborer in the field of ministry and missionary work around the world, teaching the scriptures and reaching a harvest of people in America and many other nations.

Reginald from California
Liberty University