Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

As I looked up the meaning behind character names for a story I was working on. While doing this I decided to look up what my name means. To my surprise, I discovered that my last name is not only the name of an uncommon fruit but also means notable as scribes. For me, this made my entire life make sense.
Since I learned to talk I told my family wild stories that could never possibly happen. When I learned to write, I started writing stories and sharing them with everyone I knew. Many of these stories revolved around Bob the Cow. In second grade I wrote my first chapter book about a horse who had trouble making friends. Looking back, I do not know if I ever finished that book, but it is still a fond memory to look back upon. Ever since then, I have spent years training in the craft to become a better writer. I want to continue to learn and to grow to become the best writer that I can be.
With my time at the Metropolitan State University of Denver, I spent time working with my peers to build a strong narrative structure. I spent time traveling from one world to the next as I wrote a short story after short story. During my third year, I sat in my fiction writing workshop waiting for the inspiration to come of what short story I would spend the entire semester working on. After weeks of writing down ideas of basic plots and themes, I awoke one morning with an idea about an airship pirate who acquired a time-traveling device. He used this device to help his home from falling into despair. He went on a journey to abandon his selfish way to become selfless. Up until this class I had spent my time working on realistic fiction pieces. At this point, I finally felt like I had lived up to my name.
When I graduated in the Fall of 2019, I felt like my studies were not over. A graduate degree will give me more understanding of working with publishers and help me create my own personal presence in the creative marketplace that will set me above the rest.

Richelle from Colorado